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Hi All,

Great news, we have been approved for the Alberta Cancer Foundation team website and the mock up I submitted has been accepted. My contact is hoping to have a “Site View” ready for August 31st. I have attached our mock up for your approval. The placement & function of buttons and pages is part of their template. We just add our own info to the various areas. On this website ACF will track & receipt:

Online Donations to:
  • Group/Community (Bosom Buddies... Camrose, Edmonton, Calgary, St Albert etc)
  • General (Total Amount Raised)
  • Fundraising:
  • individuals & business (Worley Parsons, Linda Z)
  • as a team (Wetaskiwin, Edmonton, Red Deer etc)
We will see the numbers grow here, it’s quite exciting. The bottom left pic is an area for Video, and I’m confident we will get one this year. Still working on the details.

Go here to see some examples of an active team site:

Also, the press release has been written and is now at ACF for their professional opinion and guidance. I have attached it as well for your comments. You’ll notice that the segments are written within the guidelines of search engine rules. Will keep you posted on updates, and watch for your comments. Once site is completed and press release approved, we will be ready to rock! Read It here

Thanks…hope you like them


Poster Mock Up

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Read August Minutes


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